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Buy ID Card of Greece


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Buy ID Card of Greece

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Greece respects the Schengen zone Borders Code (Regulation (EU) 2016/399 ‘Schengen Borders Code’, as amended and in force, and Presidential Decree 106/2007).

During intra/extra-Schengen travel to and from the territory of Greece, it is necessary for the travel document produced (identity card or passport) to be valid, irrespective of whether it concerns Greek or European citizens.

Please note that if citizens of EU member states lose their travel documents, such as their passport or identity card, while in Greece, they must contact the competent consulate of their country in Greece to receive consular assistance and be issued emergency travel documents according to their country’s applicable legislation.

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What a Greek ID Card Is

Basically, a Greek national identity card is an equivalent of one’s passport and will serve as a confirmation of one’s Greek national status. Every citizen above the age of 12 is required to have it in this country. It is issued in the form of a small laminated card, approximately 11 by 6.5 cm.

In order to prevent possible fraud, the card also contains a security thread, watermark and several fluorescent elements.

Why You Need an ID Card

The government and police authorities in Greece insist that every person must have it with him at all times and show it to a policeman if the latter needs to see it for some reason. Technically, it is not true, though. There is no law saying that you must be able to provide it upon request, nor is there any penalty for not having it with you.

However, in case you cannot show a policeman your ID, he has the right to detain you at the nearest police station until your identity has been verified. This can complicate things unnecessarily, especially if you do not speak Greek well enough.

Besides, you will need to present your ID quite often almost on a daily basis when you visit banks or government offices, buy a SIM-card or plane ticket and numerous other occasions. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you get into a habit of having your ID card with you whenever you step out of your place. It is very small and light anyway, and easier to carry than a passport too.

In addition, your Greek identity card can be used as a travel document when you are in other European countries, except the United Kingdom, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. It will also be accepted by the customs officers in:


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