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Buy ID card of New Zealand


Buy ID card of New Zealand

Buy ID card of New Zealand Online, We are a reasonable office to get a genuine New Zealand ID card. 

Buy ID card of New Zealand

Buy ID card of New Zealand Online, We are a reasonable office to get a genuine New Zealand ID card. 

The Kiwi Access Card (Formerly the Hospitality New Zealand 18+ Card)

Do you get an overwhelming feeling of paranoia every time you go out carrying your precious passport as proof of age? Well you, kind NZPocketGuide.com reader, need to get yourself a Kiwi Access Card (formerly the Hospitality New Zealand 18+ Card or the HANZ 18+ Card)! The Kiwi Access Card is just one of three photographic evidence of age documents you can use to purchase alcohol in New Zealand.

Not only do you need a valid form of ID to even go inside many bars and clubs around New Zealand, but you will also always need it to buy alcohol from any liquor store or supermarket. All in all, it’s much easier and safer to carry a Kiwi Access Card around with your rather than your passport. Another form of valid ID for buying alcohol in New Zealand is a New Zealand driver license. Find out how to get one in Converting Your Driver License into a New Zealand Driver License.

Take a look at our quick guide below to see how to get one of these handy Kiwi Access Cards!

The Kiwi Access Card: Application Form

To get your evidence of age card you will need to fill in the Kiwi Access Card application form. You can download this from the Kiwi Access Card website here. You can also get a Kiwi Access Card Application Form from any participating New Zealand PostShop. You can find a list of participating New Zealand PostShops on the Kiwi Access Card website under ‘where to apply’.

You must complete the application and hand it in in-person at a PostShop along with the relevant documents (listed below) and the NZ$55 fee.

Note: the Kiwi Access Card can be used as evidence of age at restaurants, bars and liquor stores across New Zealand. For access to other goods and services, such as opening a bank account or registering with a doctor, you should check with the individual bank or doctors surgery whether they would prefer to see your passport or Kiwi Access Card as evidence of identity.

What Do I Need for the Kiwi Access Card Application Form?

The application is easy to fill out once you have all the supporting documents listed below!

We are a wearisome structure to assist you  Buy ID card of New Zealand on the web. Make the key advances not to be covered concerning where to Buy ID card of New Zealand. Our office is eagerly there to help. All out as one with our solid office and get your ID card in a more unassuming period direct at your doorstep. No acquiescences will be made by us!


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