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Buy ID Card of Portugal


Buy ID Card of Portugal

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The Citizen Card (Portuguese: Cartão de cidadão) or CC is an identity card issued by the Portuguese government to its citizens. The card replaces several previous documents, including the Bilhete de Identidade (BI; Identity Card), Social Security card, National Health Service card, Taxpayer card and voter registration card,[2] in one secure card. The Citizen Card was first issued in the Azores in mid-2006.

However, as of 2017 BIs continued to be issued in some cases.

The Citizen card is a valid travel document within all of Europe (except BelarusRussiaUkraine and United Kingdom) as well as EgyptFrench overseas territoriesGreenlandGeorgiaMontserrat (max 14 days), Turkey and on organized tours to Tunisia. However, to enter to Egypt visa is required through the e-visa system or upon arrival (passport photo is required on the arrival).

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