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Qatar has an abundance of excellence and culture to offer individuals visiting from everywhere the world. Here is our rundown of the main 10 excellent spots in Qatar so you can invest your energy astutely. The Katara Mosque is arranged in the focal point of the Katara Cultural Village site, where probably the most lovely engineering in the Middle East is simply standing by to be seen. The plan of the Katara Mosque is not normal for ordinary mosques in Qatar. The structure is a mosaic of dominatingly blue tiles, with traces of red and yellow. You will be overwhelmed by the multifaceted plans and the similarly perplexing inside. Going with the mosque are three spiked columns aiming high. The difference between these staggering structures and the magnificence of the mosaic dividers is really striking. The Doha desert lies generally immaculate and should be a piece of your visit to Qatar. Next to no is as dazzling as miles and miles of flawless, smooth sand. The magnificence of the desert perspectives will leave you feeling little and in amazement of the immeasurability of this new scene. The sand is immaculate, the rises are rolling, and this perfect desert scene can be delighted in on any desert safari day. Fire up your motors and mix the residue to encounter the charm of the desert firsthand.

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